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Serving the fishing community for 14 years with Quality Products.

  • Quality Products

    Quality Products


    Serving the fishing community for 14 years with Quality Products

  • Cured by Hand with Attention to Detail

    Cured by Hand with Attention to Detail


    Decade of experimentation and testing has given us a cured egg product we're proud to sell!
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  • Curing Bait That Fish are Eager to Bite

    Curing Bait That Fish are Eager to Bite


    Hundreds of reports and repeat customers testify to our product. People catch fish on our bait.

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Cured Eggs Available Online

Sunrise Bait was started and is supported by a demand for a quality cured egg product. For years the retail market has had a limited supply of firm, brightly colored eggs that milk a good scent trail.

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Sunrisebait Fall Egg Products

Thursday, September 05, 2013
9-5-13  Every Year it seems like it is more and more difficult to find and purchase quality raw eggs for our Sunrisebait cured eggs and flash frozen uncured eggs, and this year is no different.  The firm caviar market in Asia and Russian block countries seems every present.  These folks have developed a taste for what most of us consider bait!! A Record salmon runs does not insure plenty of bait products, if anything it draws more attention especially with Alaska king runs down . It has made me travel more miles every year to obtain enough product to keep from running out.. I am also not the only one in that position.. in  talking with other bait dealers it seems it is industry wide.. So the moral of the story is don't wait to long. We have flash frozen and Sunrisebait cured salmon eggs in stock now if you are in need!! Keep in mind that the egg season ends around the end of September  unless there is a good run of late Coho which might keep us getting eggs through October..  After that I have what I have..  Thanks for reading and if you have questions give me a call @ 503-320-9895 or drop me an e-mail to  Thanks again  Ed