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Serving the fishing community for 14 years with Quality Products.

  • Quality Products

    Quality Products


    Serving the fishing community for 14 years with Quality Products

  • Cured by Hand with Attention to Detail

    Cured by Hand with Attention to Detail


    Decade of experimentation and testing has given us a cured egg product we're proud to sell!
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  • Curing Bait That Fish are Eager to Bite

    Curing Bait That Fish are Eager to Bite


    Hundreds of reports and repeat customers testify to our product. People catch fish on our bait.

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Sunrise Bait was started and is supported by a demand for a quality cured egg product. For years the retail market has had a limited supply of firm, brightly colored eggs that milk a good scent trail.

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SunriseBait Products Update

Friday, December 12, 2014
What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time I was a little nervous about the amount of Sunrisebait Cured eggs I had in stock. We collect, then cure and freeze all our inventory for the whole year in the Months of August, September and October, which needs to be enough to make it until August of the next year. The 2013 King runs were near record amounts but the Coho run was pretty dismal. Add to that we sold more than ever in fall fishing seasons which was good, but still that didn't leave a lot for spring King fisheries. Well it was close but we made it.

This year 2014 the kings showed up in force as well as plenty of coho that were harvested. We collected eggs from August even into early November. We still sold a ton of eggs in the fall seasons but I think we have an ample supply to see us into next August. We also like to keep Flash Frozen uncured eggs in stock most of the year for those that like to do their own thing and I think we have that covered as well. Having enough product to keep our long time customers fully stocked throughout the year is a priority, but I like to bring some new retail stores on board every year to get better coverage during peak fisheries. This makes it easier for customers to find our products when the bite is on! People just don't have time to search out good bait sometimes and the local tackle shops help provide that service. If you know of a good shop in your area you might put us in touch with them. I know what is going on around me most of the time, but there are a lot of fisheries in the Country that I know little of. Thanks for taking time to read this and hopefully 2014 was a good one for you and yours, and 2015 even better.. Good luck fishing!!